Rickter xfs carbon core

I have a brand new Rickter xfs carbon core that has about 10 tanks of fuel threw it. Everything is brand new on the ski aside from the oem parts that were used. Did completely rebuild everything with new oem stuff
2019 Rickter carbon core hull that was purchased in 2019 and then sat on a stand until I put it together this year. Had special ordered og Rickter graphics
Yamaha 62t 701
Lighted flywheel
Vforce v3 reeds
Msd coils
Blowsion tornado filters
Ada girdled head package
Oem 38’s freshly rebuilt
Blowsion kart tank(2.3 gal)
Pfp lay down pipe
P&p velociraptor trim system
155 pump with new bearings and tapped for dual cooling
Lundy drive shaft and midshaft(completely rebuilt) blowsion freestyle pump cone
Skat trak 6/12 cutback
Rrp billet lightweight pole
Rrp quick steer
Rrp matching chin pad with rrp chin pad bracket
Rrp pole bolt
New oem 96-07 steering cable
Rrp throttle lever
Odi waffle grips
Rrp billet hood prongs
Blowsion billet hood latch
Blowsion billet pissers
Blowsion hood straps
Anti gravity lightweight battery
Blowsion small battery trey
Blowsion water filters
Rhass motor mounts
Custom made ninja intake grate from hsi
Short carbon ride plate
Ufo mounts and brand new oem Yamaha straps
I’m sure there’s more in forgetting. Like I said everything is either brand new or completely rebuilt with oem stuff. The ski is dialed and will flatwater flip and spin. I’m hoping to get as close to 18k as possibly as I’m Moving onto other hobbies but I don’t have to sale so I won’t take a lowball offer. I’m almost 20k into it.


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