Rickter tour coat

so after about a month of hunting I tracked down the elusive RRP tour coat. From what I understand no more being made and I checked everywhere! MX100 had two. I'm confident last two in the world at least for sale. If u see one grab it Grabbed them both. Just tried on and fit is awesome ! Made by jet pilot. XL is perfect, arms aren't crazy long like an XL, but just right to fit over riding gear. I freeze at all events, so looking forward to wearing. Winter means hunt for silly jet ski related items. Thank u Pierre. Hooked it up and shipped super fast. Didn't have to sell or deal with hassle of international shipping, probably could have charged me triple.

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I bought one of the last XL Jetpilot tour coats. This was one they made that has a Nylon Outer Shell. Does not look like a std tour coat. Totally blocks the wind. I wear it as a rain coat also. Wore it today actually.

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This was 11 years ago.

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Sounds nuts, but I was thinking about having the second one tailored to be a more jacket style. I pride myself on finding the unfindable. I thought this coat was going to be the first! PWC extreme seems to have best selection of RRP gear. The sweatshirts are even hard to find.
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