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I know there are a handful of threads out there that discuss every aspect of a Reaper, and how they compare to Blasters, MX1s, Vipers etc. I've read them all, and am thoroughly convinced I would love to own a Reaper. However, those threads are all very thin on details regarding the V2X (and coming V3X), especially in comparison to the Reaper. From what I gather, they are actually quite similar but with the Reaper being a little larger and more Blaster-like, vs the V2X being smaller and behaving much more like a standup.

I have been riding an uncut Blaster the last few years, and really loved everything about it besides the size and weight. I could do flatwater nosestabs if I really manhandled it, but overall it really didn't like to be airborne. I also have an X2 I enjoy riding, I think I even like it more than the Blaster most days. So given what I ride, and that I will typically be riding flatwater - does one ski (V2X or Reaper) sound like a better fit for me?

If you have either of those ski's, I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm planning on buying one or the other (used) this winter and am really unsure which direction to go
A v2x is going to ride like a shorter standup with a fixed steer hood. Not at all like a blaster. A reaper rides like a more playful blaster with more power. I've ridden both a v2x and a regular v2 and they both ride more like a rockered, shortened superjet. also ridden a 2020 reaper with the 997. When it ran, it was a ripper and pretty fun ski. Definitely a big step up from a blaster. I have a x2 myself that since I built a shortened, rockered superjet I haven't ridden much haha. Another friend has a v3 that honestly I liked better than any of them. But they're all setup a little differently. The v3 rode more flat. The v2x with a shorter ride plate was very nose high. It really depends what you want to do. The v2x/v2 is definitely the least cruising friendly of what you mentioned especially if the ride plate is cut. But also most capable of rolls and flips of the others. So if that's your goal, then v2 would be a good way to go. The reaper is flippable at least in the surf. Possibly with some skill off a boat wake.


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Either will be more fun then an X2 or blaster! I would get whichever one you find a good deal on first. Might also be both at the Pismo freeride next month where you could look over both. And if you bring enough beer someone might even let you ride one. :)
Thank you for the insight, it does sound like I would be happy with either hull! The problem is I don't really know what I want from the ski, so I like the idea of just buying whatever pops up first.

I was actually going to check out your reaper back in 2019 at Pismo, but I never saw you out in the surf. It wasn't until after the event I saw that you had broken your leg! I was considering going next month, but all the camping passes are sold out - well that and I just sold my last running ski haha
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