RAMPAGE Carbon Pro Helmets

Can't beat this deal! These are 599 new!
Super Light Carbon Fiber
Multiple vents

These Carbon Rampage helmets have 1/3 off drag than regular helmets do. Especially if you flip big and submerge. No stiff neck.


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Took every visor off every ski helmet I ever had. I don't care about looking cool. I care about my neck getting snapped back when I hit the water. No reason at all for the visor

I have had a dual purpose helmet I kept the visor on. And sometimes rode surf and dirtbikes with it. But have since gone strictly no visor for water
The helmet came today, and the Orange Black color combo is sick, the finish and vents look great, very light, head feels ultra safe. Nice solid visor, sits higher!
Overall, Love it!!
Yet there is a one negative, me having a big casket and wearing XL, the helmet is about 15% larger than my 2018 Carbon Rampage. And sadly, that's a no go for me, I am afraid due to that extra 15% volume increase although light, upon larger flips and submerging, there will be actually more drag or rebound created.
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