Question on used gas

I have (6) 5gal jugs of used gas with no history of mixing(meaning I don’t know if it happened). Your opinion?

1) don’t use
2) use in my Jeep at a 1/10 ratio to pump gas
3) use in stock superjet and add oil at proper mix.
4) pour on self and burn for stupid thoughts.
Attached photos show (1)bottom to (6)top with some fuel. Second photo shows (left) 1,2,3 (right) 4,5,6.

I spoke with two petro engineer friends and they said it appeared that the gas evaporated after a few hours and additives/oil stayed. Didn’t look like diesel because it would evaporate at a much slower rate


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I actually mix all unknown gases/fluids into a 5 gallon can and when it’s full pour it directly into my 96’ hardbody lol. BUT it’s a Nissan pickup.. a jeep would most likely instantly explode…


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I put small amounts into my truck/mower etc, so if it is regular gas, great.....if its mixed 50:1 then just a little extra oil into the cylinders but shouldnt be a big deal 1 gallon in my 30 gallon truck tank or 1/2 gallon in my mower tank...
Not my Jeep of superjet so run it and see if the blow up.

Or play it safe and save a bunch of repairs and don't use it. If I have old funky gas a just add a couple gallons every time I fuel up one of my vehicles and slowly get rid of it as it is plenty diluted.


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Don't put it in your SJ. Adding more oil means less fuel in the ratio. You run the risk of running lean. Just put it in the jeep. I dump all my old gas in my truck when I have a nearly full tank.


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I pour it down big ant mound holes on my property, then light it on fire! HEHEHE! FIRE FIRE!

I'm having a mole problem in my vegetable garden right now. This did cross my mind. I'm leaning more towards mixing bleach and acid to make chlorine gas and letting fill the holes. Seems mildly safer, mostly for the plants.
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