300/440/550 question about type of metal kawi 650sx bottem end

question about type of metal kawi 650sx bottem end
i'm thinking of powder coating or anodizing my crank case and can use some pointers

First question ,is anodizing possable? (What type of metal is the case aluminum or magnesium?

and if i go with powder coating will the case warp in the heat when it is baked ?


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The crankcases are made of aluminum and quite frankly I would not suggest powder coating. The 650 engine is not worth the investment. I would suggest grit blasting the cases to clean them up, prime and paint with a good spray paint. The hammered finishes you can buy at Walmart give a very good finish.
I paint all my engines and used to use a good acrylic enamel with hardener. Nowadays I use the hammered spray can. I presume you can powdercoat or anodize if you want, but it is not worth it.
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