Push Industries 2023 Twin City JetPilots Sortie Aug 24-27

Who's ready for the 2023 Push Industries TCJP Sortie? Mark my words, this year will be the best ever raffle. Sponsors have been stepping up big providing us with the best equipment, swag, and really damn good jet ski products. I'm thankful for all the great support. I also appreciate every one of you that makes this a great event.

This is where I need you. Everything is setup for a great event, but what can really make it fantastic is having the best people there. This event is for us, and it is what we make it. It takes the entire army to really make it come alive and we all have a small part in that. Every person that comes with a good helpful attitude adds dramatically to it.

This isn't my event. If you want to add an element, by all means, let's do it. Want a freestyle competition, organize it. Double up, go for it. Fire on the beach, yup!

The event is open to everyone, but if you're not going to add positive value to the event, stay home. I'd love to see new people there adding to the event.

One thing I liked last year is the community coffee pot with Black Rifle Coffee. We're going to make that happen again this year.

We've got a fantastic raffle ski that Austin Autio has been taking care of, and something that may surprise you.

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors:

Push Industries
Westside Powersports
Chris Williams JetManiac
Ez-ski Hitch Haulers
9mm Motorsports
Rickter-RRP Official
Highspeed Industries
LPW Paul Lehr Jr
Klotzlubemn Oilguy
Freestyle Connection
Torrent TPE
Hot Products
Prorider Mag
PFM Industries
Everett Sports
Rizn Wild
Ski-Worx Designs

If you'd like to sponsor our event, please contact me. Thanks
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Wow, this is getting overwhelming. So much good support throughout the industry. We've added even more fantastic sponsors.

Brandon Reed with his new fuel tanks
Stephan Lundy @Sasquachcrap with a shaft!
Showtime Freestyle
Pitch Industries
Rad Dudes!

We've got a 1990 Yamaha Superjet with a bunch of great hop ups for the raffle too.

This isn't all about the raffle. This is the best weekend camping and playing with friends. Best weekend of the year, and it's a long one.
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From Austin

So if you missed it, or thought it was just too good to be true yesterday; slap yourself and read this again!

TWO separate lucky winners will be going home from the 2023 TCJP Sortie in Lake City, MN Aug 24-27th with a 1990 Yamaha Superjet this year

This was not something we planned to keep a secret, but was not something we planned at all until I got a text from Nicholas Karins a couple weeks ago saying he picked up a ski for me to build for next year’s event. When I got the pictures and realized it was another original 1990 square nose, I knew what needed to be done!

HUGE shout out and thank you to all the businesses and local riders who donated parts to help us get this ski cleaned up and back on the water in just two weeks:

Westside Powersports
Ski-Worx Designs
Brian Fredericksen
Nicolas Shamla
Tony Malisheski
Mark Cahow
Tyler Johnson
Eric Levkovich

Can’t wait to see everyone down at Hok Si La Park for the best weekend of summer!


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