Pump Install Issue on SJ

This is probably a dumb question but I had to pull my pump to replace the pump seal and for some reason when I am putting it back, the shaft will not go into place the last few inches. The splines look good and greased. I have never had this issue before. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or if there is an easy way to press it in all the way? I have tried gently tapping it with a hammer and it still won't go.
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Not an answer to your question, but something related: are you sure you can just reinstall it without doing a proper alignment (which means pulling the motor and midshaft)? I mean, if the shims are put back the way they were, perhaps that's enough, but if there's any side-to-side mismatch, I think that's just as bad. The only way to be sure there's no side-to-side change would be making some index marks for perfect pump reinstall (which perhaps you did), or, again, doing a full alignment. Just trying to save your bearings, is all.
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Yes, I've tried that several times, something is locking it up
Rotate the pump upside down so the mounting tabs are facing down and therefore cannot interfere with anything in the hull. See if you are able to insert the driveshaft the full distance without any pump related interference happening. If not, then something has to be going on in the mid shaft I guess
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There was a time that I had this same issue, My bedplates had shifted somehow causing the alignment to be off from motor to midshaft. When the couplers were engaged it would kick the midshaft up at an angle making getting the driveshaft hard to get into place. Found out the hard ways. Stipped drive shaft at the 2006 Lanier ride 15 minutes after getting there. Replaced it with new OEM Midshaft and Drive Shaft the next week. Got 15 minutes out of those. Paul Lehr pulled everything apart for me at the Myrtle beach race while I was working setup and figured out what was wrong...... That was an expensive mistake.
As much as I know you don't want to hear this, but you NEED to pull your engine, and mid shaft. It is possible you are far off like BK says above, and really the ONY correct way to align a drive is starting at the pump. You need the cold fusion alignment tool. You start with the pump mounting, and align that to the mid shaft, then align engine to mid shaft.

With a new pump seal, you will need to compress it some what to get the pump mount bolts in. We have a tool for this on our website, or you can use a pry bar.
Your splines are fighting each other or your driveshaft is getting hung out on the midshaft o rings. If the pump wont go in, take it back out and spin the shaft ever so slightly to get the splines to line up with the midshaft then, reinstall.

As stated above, alignment most likely wont be perfect.
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