pillar point surfriding anybody wanna rip today?

im literally the only standup ever out there been riding here for like 20 years and zone 1 is as bigger for me because 1. im the only one ever out there on a stand up .
2. i very rarely shred the shorebreak.( there is a time and place for everything);)
3. i have abided by their rules for like 20 years and always riden solo. so they pretty much let me slide with riding wherever i want because i am known for following the rules
4. and im just one person.

i literally ride here every day by my self and know everything thier is to know about the reefs and tides and where not to go and what you can get away with . without ruining privelages for everyone else i have been looking for people to show that can be adult about it and not bring like five friends and ruin it for everyone but so far nobodys down
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