Php 898 jetting specs


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Can't get a hold of Zack. Does anyone have specs for non ls1 novi 48s? Heard anything from 145p 105m(this is currently in the carbs but piston tops are washed clean from the previous owner so I'm thinking needing a lower pilot or popoff change before putting it in the ski) to 130/130 which is vastly different so I'm trying to figure out what I need.
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The pistons are clean because the pilots are very rich and you are spending a lot of time in that throttle range. If you spend more than a few seconds at full throttle the top screw/main jet should be power tuned rich of peak rpm and then the pilot jet tuned for best throttle response. Your big pilot/small main is good for a few seconds of full throttle but potentially very dangerous for longer runs.
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