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I know why pay pal does certain things but there should be a limit. I sold a mod bpipe with the money on hold until package is received and the shipper sends confirmation tracking to pay pal to release the funds. My buyer is happy and has the bpipe and pay pay pal is telling me up to 21 days to release the funds because I haven’t sold anything in awhile. I now have carbs that are shipped out and those funds are on hold also. Just a rant but this company is a joke. The buyer could sell my product for cash and I could still be waiting for pay pal to release my money. Complete joke.


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Ive had this happen a few times recently, the first time was when I sent 2 payments for my hull. They held the second until I got it which I didn't know but I called them and released it.
Low volume sellers need to build up credit and trust. That's why Paypal holds the money until they are reasonably sure it wont end up costing them. Twenty years ago Ebay was more fun. It was basically an online dumpster, an easy way to turn garbage into cash. A buyers only way out of a bad deal was through the use of a credit card. Then the seller would always leave negative feedback.
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I've been a long term member of paypal. They do not hold funds for me when I sell things. I'm not sure. But I think it goes off length of membership. Amount of claims. And amount of transactions.

PayPal also refunded me 450 dollars I sent friends and family to a guy on this site when he got his account hacked. I like PayPal alot. Done over 100k in transactions and haven't ever been burned.
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