Oil and Filter options for 2017 SXR?

I want to do an oil change on the new 2017 SXR. What oil and filter are you guys running? Do these engines do better on convential or syn oil? I thought the manual called for regular oil. Also can I use any kind of 10w40 oil or does it have to be marine specific? Does anyone have part numbers for the oil filters that work on this ski, numerous brands?


GP Performance / Patterson Powersports
Dickson, Tn.
Marine grade oil generally has a higher rust inhibitor additive due to the extreme exposure to moisture. Kawi lube / Yama lube also have other additives due to extreme use (higher zinc add. etc.) per the fact that these engines are revving 6000-7000 plus all the time.
For filters,... the off the shelf ST6607 (@$4.) or any cross reference there of is the same.
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