Octane with yamaha 62t/61x MSD ignition


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Hi! We have modded a yamaha flywheel to work with polaris crank and with yamaha stator adapted on polaris cases inside flywheel - and then connected to a yamaha 2 cyl e-box - and is working very good - yamaha flywheel is smaller and lighter - and can be machined to approx 1.2kg - and together with an MSD enhancer can be great pn those engines. Who wants to make the modd i can do the flywheel for 200 - this is the hardest part - but i need a polaris and yam flywheel first. And i'm from Romania - so very far from USA where are mou8st polaris owners. Anyway - is done - is running - and can arrange any static advance i want in the process


sea riders
Here are some pictures with this modd


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Привет! Мы модифицировали маховик yamaha для работы с рукояткой polaris и с статором yamaha, адаптированным на корпусах polaris внутри маховика, а затем подключенным к электронной коробке yamaha 2 cyl, и работает очень хорошо-маховик yamaha меньше и легче - и может быть обработан примерно до 1,2 кг - и вместе с усилителем MSD может быть отличным PN эти двигатели. Кто хочет сделать modd, я могу сделать маховик для 200 - это самая сложная часть, но сначала мне нужен маховик polaris и yam.И я из Румынии-так далеко от США, где владельцы mou8st polaris. В любом случае-сделано-работает-и может организовать любое статическое продвижение, которое я хочу в процессе
Hello! Is it possible to equip Polaris Octane 2004 with Yamaha ignition? Need to replace flywheel stator and electrical box?


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Hi! I did it to a polaris virage 700 - think is the same crankcase. But you need to combine the crown and middle part of polaris flywheel with the yamaha magnets side flywheel as in picture and also make the stator of yamaha 62t fit under the flywheel - need some machine work but then you can have the MSD inside


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Im still waiting to hear back from zeeltronic if they make a compatible Ignition kit for a Polaris twin. I was told no about a year ago but was told more products coming in the future
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