New to racing.

I just bought a 750 sx I really would like to try out racing this season. Just curious what class I would be in I have a 1993 750 sx. Pjs wrap around pipe, dual 46’s vf2’s and a head and total loss fly wheel. My questions are what class would I be in, and would
My ski even have a chance in that class? I know sponsons are a must.

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Vintage is the only class you would be competitive in. Normally I was say go to PWCToday also, but the traffic there has fallen off a good bit, I would still check on there for more info.


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Do it! Go to a race and run Vintage & Beginner Ski. Its a great experience! Great People!
Your ski is considered old school by many of todays standards. But it was the big dog back in the mid 90’s
Go race and see f you get hooked on it? Many of us old timers on here started with racing. There are several Great tours across the US. ProWatercross, Jet Jam, The Mid West regional, Great Lakes Watercross, TXH2O and others. Racing seems to be making a very strong comeback this season! JetJam has a race this weekend in Havasu with over 430 entries! Thats Huge! If you find yourself at any of the ProWatercross races? Come find me and say hello.
Ill be at every stop this season.

Ski Ya, Paul


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Good luck dude and most importantly, have fun!

The races that they held here last week in Havasu right in front of the Nautical Inn was like going back in time to when the World FInals were held there! The biggest class last week were the 550's!
My first watercraft race was on a 750SX, damn near stock. Went to a ProWaterCross round before they had a vintage class so they through me in stock lite. It was freaking wild and a physical beatdown but man was it fun. Get out there and send it!
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