SXR NEW SXR 800 OEM Cylinder Question

I'd like to know if normally you can use these out of the box or do you usually need to bore or hone them to the finished STD size?

I'm sure an inspection and bore measurement would be mandatory. I've just never bought an OEM replacement cylinder, so I don't know how they come from the factory
They should be RTR. I say “should” because of Kawasaki’s crappy quality so check the bore first.


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Just ordered New SXR800 cyl and installed for a client about two months ago.
client requested Wossiner pistons. Clearance was a little tight for those.
opened up with a slight hone. OEM std pistons would have been fine.
I always suggest you verify any cyl regardless where it came from, prior to building.
the only way you would ever know!

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