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Another Michigan hull builder is here and with a little support, i will be here to stay. A little background; ive been obsessed with jet skis for 23+ years, I bought my first jet ski when i was 14 years old. I've built several one-off full custom jet skis and became really good at working with composites and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and reward of the end product. I am very particular on how stuff gets done, no detail is over-looked and i think my work speaks for itself. Here are a few examples:
done1.jpgengine done1.jpg

After building several full custom skis, the next step was to make my own molds. I really really wanted a textreme hull, but didnt want to buy one. So i figured ill just build one, easy enough. Well, after 2 years this is where i am at... I built my textreme hull and it turned out so dang good, i made a few more hulls to share with others.

Inverse Hull details:
Started with a superjet.
* -1.3" off rear
* nose rocker closely matches the slope of a rickter evo
* enlarged pump intake track
* widened and flared rails
* Hood seal system inverted and raised
* 16 inch wide tray, front to back
* Full front foot hold
* Several other mods that I will keep secret for now.
* setup for couch mounts
* Oem 144 pump shoe installed
* 2 3/8" water lines, 1 1/2" trim tube
* 2 oem tray drains
* pump inserts are oem yamaha inserts.
* all other threaded inserts and waterlines are stainless.
* I don't turf skis, foothold turf is very individualistic, but i will turf a ski for buyer if requested.
* All hulls will come with a Michigan Title!!!

- all parts are built using resin infusion, because its the best! and the right way to build a ski, even the ride plate and foot holds are infused!
- fiberglass layup with perfect visual carbon.
- hulls weigh 83 pounds and are very strong.

Every ski i build is built like it was going to be my own and i am very proud of the craftsmanship i put into each one (just look at my hood to hull seam fit, then look at any other aftermarket hull). Pictures don't do them justice and are a must see & ride to appreciate. These hulls are what the superjet should have been; and are perfect for surf, boat chasing, recreational riding, and does WOT smoothly with no weird chine walk or twitchiness.

As of right now, I have 3 hulls for sale (2-black 2x2 carbon, 1- purple mirage 2x2 carbon top deck on black carbon bottom). As soon as i sell 2, i will buy more material and build more. I do not plan on taking orders, all hulls will be built then sold at a first come, first serve basis for now.





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These are amazing. Dave n I would love to ride one this summer. I will hit you up when I put my snow skis away and head back to west Michigan. I have just got to see all your hard work in person. The amount of time invested to create a masterpiece like these does not go unnoticed, you da man!

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How much for fiberglass hull parts bottom, top, and hood in untrimmed and unpainted condition?
Not sure how i feel about that just yet, im a control freak lol.
I would probably consider doing that for certain qualified individuals, air blair did just that for me way back when. I must say tho, ive learned several tricks to trimming, getting hood to hull seams perfect, gluing hoodliners in to get tight hood seals, aligning & setting motor mounts etc, its not exactly easy. 1 way to do it right and a million ways to really mess it all up.
I imagine most customers would surely make a big mess out of assembling a hull. I already have a modified Superjet that I like and could use it as a plug. I really don't want to get into the hull making business although its looking inevitable.
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