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Upon moving back to Florida I found there is a bunch of nice singletrack near me so I thought I might dip my toes into the mountain bike world. I have never owned and dont know much about it but I scooped a Trek X Caliber 7 29er with a couple upgrades.
It has a nice pair of pedals and a dropper post, is there anything else I should consider getting right off the bat or just gear up and ride?

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Doesn't need anything except a rider with good endurance. I started on a similar 29er and then bought a 27.5 full suspension for downhill stuff. The hardtail is always a good bike to keep around for town trips, single track, loaning to others, etc.
Clipless pedals. Once you're locked in theres no going back. I bet I'm %10 faster clipped in. I went 29er and would never go back for the trails I ride.

I rode flats my whole life, tried clipless and realized I've been missing out. Borrow a friends to give it a try for a few k even if they dont fit perfect

Definetky tubless if your wheels and tires are compatible.
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