Need help removing the liner

Yesterday I tried to remove the liner under the hood of my souare SJ and almost looks like mission impossible...

So help, what worked for you the best....i really need some tips.


I used a hammer and a nail bar or chissel, did I spell chissel right? Anyways I just hammered around the seam, that green stuff just gives loose with a firm smack, don't go Beatin the hell out of it though, you'll crack the hood, I also used an angle grinder to pull it out in smaller sections, worked pretty well, came out in about 15 20 mins,
a heat gun is your friend to make the glue soft. The problem is that it also makes the hood soft so it is easier to bend or break through. I've done two. One had a nice paint job and I did no damage. The other I wasn't as careful with and did a bit of damage to the hood. I was in the middle of some huge fiberglass work anyway so it didn't matter.
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