My YF-Shee Hybrid

Hey guys, built this hybrid almost 6 years ago while I was still in college. It’s been sitting in a corner the last 4 years and I finally found some time to pull it out to get it finished up. Figured I would post up the details and pictures on it in case anyone is thinking of doing something similar. Here’s the details:

-2004 Yamaha yfz450 modified to fit a banshee motor
-Lonestar +2+1 a arms (top arm modified to clear chambers)
-Fireball +3 swingarm
-Elka stage 3 shocks front and rear
-Billet steering dampener
-Lonestar +1 dampening steering stem
-Flexx handlebars
-ASV levers
-Raptor 700 radiator
-Axcalibur +2 axle
-ITP holeshots on Douglas blue labels
-Blingstar full nerf bars
-Painted plastics
-Mud Motorsports seat cover
-4 mil stock cylinder mx ported on race gas
-Chariot coolhead
-VForce 2 reeds
-Chariot billet intakes
-Packard 38mm Lectron carbs with oversized bowls
-Slingshot lockup clutch
-Trinity Stage 4 pipes and silencers (modified to fit)
-Silicone Intakes
-6 inch K and N air filters and outerwears

-200w Stator
-HiD headlights
-Lots of little chrome and powder coated parts

I bought an 04 yfz450 from a buddy of mine back in high school. Loved how it rode, but I always liked the power of my old banshees more. Since I pretty much had all of the upgraded components on my quad already, I bought a bare yfz450 roller and put my engine in it to sell. Then I pulled my 4 mil engine out of the banshee and sold that roller. All in all, I already owned 90% of the parts needed. Which was one of the main reasons I went for the challenge (back then I had more time than money, it’s quite the opposite nowadays). It took many hours of just analyzing and fitting stuff in place to make everything work together. I wanted it to look as oem as possible. Here were the main challenges:
1) 450 radiator could not go in stock location due to the headpipes. I found I could fit a raptor 700 radiator in front of the steering stem if I moved the front shock support 1 inch forward. Welded that in place and then had to cut the plastics to sit normal. This also helps with airflow since the raptor radiator guard is vented.
2)Engine: I wanted it to sit as low as possible and level, as well as as close to the swing arm as I could. This required making front and rear engine mounts to clear the shock. One thing I wish I could have done different here is to make the front mounts removable to make it easier to get the motor in and out. Currently, I have to pull the swing arm bolt out and let the swing arm fall back in order to get the clearance.
3) Pipes: the trinity pipes were hitting the frame where they come out of the front of the cylinders. I had to shorten them by 3/4 of an inch to get them to clear. also had to bend the top a arms forward 2 inches to clear the chambers. For the stingers, I had to change the angle of the rears of the chambers. In the future, I plan to have custom pipes made by LED or Shearer to make it look even cleaner.
4) Carbs and air filters. Since there is not a lot of room between the frame and shock, I used 2 1/4 inch 45 degree silicone elbows to get it around the shock to get to the air filter. The Stator side carb is a straight shot and only required a straight 8 inch piece of silicone.

These were the 4 most time consuming issues I ran into. Everything else went together fairly smoothly. I wish I still had the build pictures but they are on an old phone that I haven’t been able to find. I can’t even count how much time went into staring at it, measuring, and readjusting before I ever made the first frame cut or weld. It was well worth it though. It really utilizes the banshee power and the frame geometry is so much better for track riding, trails, and duning compared to the 80s technology of the banshee frame. Hope you guys like it! Let me know if you can spot the Yamaha superjet part I used on the build…


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Do you have any video of riding this thing? I've always thought this hybrid would be a blast since I hate the seating position of the Banshee and the crappy front suspension design. I have a YFZ450R rolling chassis but my fabrication skills are piss poor.
Do you have any video of riding this thing? I've always thought this hybrid would be a blast since I hate the seating position of the Banshee and the crappy front suspension design. I have a YFZ450R rolling chassis but my fabrication skills are piss poor.
I don’t have any video of it. It’s a lot of fun though. I’ll try to get a video of it the next time I’m out in the dunes in November.

With little fabrication skills it’s going to be hard to do, because you have to make a rear motor mount, front motor mounts, new radiator mounts, modify the pipes and stingers. I’m not sure of the 450r measurements, but if you want to run any ideas or dimensions by me, shoot me a pm. I’d be glad to save you some work. I spent hours and hours test fitting to get it to sit as low and far back as possible.
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