My 90 650sx handles better than a superjet, why!!!?


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650SX was probably my least favorite ski to ride ever. An 08+ SJ is my second least favorite. Give me a first generation RN, an FX1, or an SXR (in that order of preference) and I'm happy all day long.
I had to add Destroyer 2 tubbies and rear sponsons and extended ride plate and now totally love the SJ but it still seems to be all about the body positioning and weight movement.
Kawi's have always been more about body positioning and Yamahas are typically more bar input. With the right setup an sx can handle pretty well, but it's all about how *you* think a ski should need to be ridden. I could always ride a Kawi harder just because the SJ doesn't like the amount of body language I like to give the ski when I'm being aggressive. Stock for stock an SJ will handle better than an sx but that's down to the rider.

Stock rideplate and intake grate on the square in the pic. Full extension and I'm damn near WOT. Not going to make that happen on an sx without all the body mods and bolt ons... but I will say once you understand how the sx likes to be ridden with all those parts on it, you can be much faster around a course.



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I loved my 650sx for jumping waves, I hated it for anything else. My riding style is all superjet even though I started on and rode the 650sx for years.
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