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Gonna start working on the OCD storage solution first thing Monday morning.


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I just can’t seem to stop buying more Milwaukee tools.

I upgraded to the new fuel version of the sub compact bandsaw. It has nearly double the cut space and doesn’t power out at all. I was working with pvc conduit and the cut speed is amazing.

I’m still methodically replacing old corded tools with M18 versions so I recently swapped out the jigsaw, orbital sander and 1/4 sheet sander.

The new house has a lot more trees so I also picked up an M12 pruning saw. I was going to wait for the M18 version but figured the smaller M12 might be better for my wife but I’m finding it stalls out too easy. I think it will get better once the blade dulls slightly.


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That stuff is way too orginized I could come up there and by the end of day I would have that all sorted for you.
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