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1. Selling Skis, Hulls, Parts. You must post a Price and Location. No "Make me an offer". This is not lets make a deal or ebay.

2. Want to buy threads. Be courteous. If someone is looking for a B Pipe, do not jump in and say "I am looking also". Please start your own thread..

3. Post Dumping is not allowed. If you do not like the price, do not respond. Do not post "You can get this cheaper from ..................."

4. Feedback. Please use the Negative Feedback and Positive Feedback forums. If you have an issues with someone post up just the facts. You may post correspondence from PM's, Text Messages and Emails. But do not post Email Addy's or Phone Numbers. (Those post will be removed). Negative Feedback threads are moderated. We have to approve each post. Typically only the buyer and seller's post will be approved. Unless your comment (3rd Party) really adds good info it will not be approved. We do not get involved in disputes between both parties. It is up to you to research the other person.

5. Tips. When selling, post up as many pictures as possible and give as much description as possible. Disclose any issues you have noticed to possible buyers. This helps down the road.

6. When selling multiple items. Please group them together ex Hull Parts, Engine Parts, etc etc If we see you have 9 separate post for 9 things we will merge them. Typically no more than 5 separate post at a given time. When someone has more than 5, they will go bump them all and it will fill up the page. Be Considerate.

7. Bumping Post. No more than 1 "Bump" in a 24 hour period. If you posted something at 7PM and come back the next day at 5PM and Bump it, Your post may get locked or deleted. Also, after responding to a question, you have to wait 24 hours until next "Bump".

8. I wish the rules had not accidentally gotten deleted.
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