Rowdy Joe
Smyrna, TN
LS 10X trim (big bore) trim. Used twice end of last year and then built a surf ski so have no use right now. I really want to sale just the trim for SOLD shipped US of you must. I changed out the ear style coupler for the newer straight cut xscream now uses, will include old one.

UMI throttle angled black with adapter. Mounted but never used it. Sold

You pay fees if not doing FF. Only shipping US. Shoot me a message with any questions. F0D7780C-3890-461A-96C6-C7E3CC5CCDB5.jpegC976E018-07D0-420C-B0C5-4F95A0C6E9B9.jpegF0282742-8CBF-4396-A042-5F94C9B6CD6B.jpeg812B9ECC-2CEE-4750-AE46-5DF87D18CC4C.jpeg050C1817-779E-4727-A4C4-DB6D8D04438B.jpeg4B98E6BF-2190-4E59-BFC6-0DA8285E3416.jpeg
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