LOTO 2022 Freeride

16th Annual Lake of the Ozarks (LoTo) Freeride is schedule again for the weekend before fathers day this year, June 11th, 2022. Additional details below and a FB Event Group Link if interested.

June 11, 2022 (all-day)
Follow the sign to the Boat Launch and not the public beach. Pa He Tsi Boat Launch aka PBII (use your GPS, you'll get there) There is a shaded hill side next to ramp which we set up Day camp. Bring a beach stand if you have one, the shore line is pretty rough.

Bring friends and family. bring your ski, fuel, drinks, lunch/snacks and some shade (pop-up tent)! Fun day to ride! Usually have a few big boats come through to make some pretty stellar wake!

Camping: Loto State park camping is available and very close for anyone interested in staying the weekend

Facebook Event Link on STL Standup Riders Group



1 hp./1.83lbs
St. Louis
The 2022 Loto Freeride HAS MOVED
It’s still June 11 2022.
That Area is being used for the boat parade and is a no wake zone all day .

John Glenn has a friend with a lot of land at Lotto we’re going to have it there. As soon as they post the address I’ll list it here .


1 hp./1.83lbs
St. Louis
Map , the box is parking. The dot is the address above.


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