LOTO 2021 Freeride


1 hp./1.83lbs
St. Louis
Thats a15 year consecutive MO. Freeride is still the weekend before father’s day.
We’ll ride out of PBII ( public beach / boat ramp2) on June12 Sat.2021.
We set up on the grass hill side next to the ramp.
BRING a beach stand, if you don’t bouy your ski.
The state park is 30 min away, if you camp.
The camp grounds are filling up.
See you there!
Man I wish I didn’t miss it this year. My father in law had a house down there for 15 years and I always wanted to go back and ride. Is there a lot of stand up jet skis down there? I’m in Chicago burbs I would to make the next ride!
There is a fair amount, but the size of the lake and the rough water most weekends makes it hard to meet up. I'd say the majority of the LoTo Freeride was STL/KC Folks in for the weekend.
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