Looking MSD total loss wiring diagram


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Hi guys
I just bought a brand new MSD Total Loss from a friend , but he doesn't have the wiring diagram , and don't find here.....
I have already the special module for set up with the Start/stop button .
Could I use with an OEM TAMAHA relay or I have to find a KAWASAKi relay ?
and if you have special tips to do or not to do I will take all.
Thanks a lot , have good week end .
MSD Total Loss Instructions...


  • MSD 42351 Instructions.pdf
    962.8 KB · Views: 14
  • MSD Coil Specifications.pdf
    338.3 KB · Views: 2
  • MSD Coil Trobleshooting.pdf
    163.3 KB · Views: 2
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