Krash Starts then Stalls then Hard Start and eventually Won't Start

I've been having issues with my 2019 Krash 50 Cal. I've used it once this season then it stalled mid ride, wouldn't start so I paddled back to shore.
Back at shore I noticed it wasn't getting any spark. I discovered that a part of the starter Bendix blew apart and bugged up the pickup sensor. It was full of metal pieces so how could it notice the magnet passing by.

Now I've installed a new Bendix and I'm getting spark. However, it runs for 20 - 30 seconds then stalls. Then is a very hard start. The longer I wait it will start and run for a few more seconds. When I try opening the throttle when it starts running briefly it stalls like bogs down. I've check the plugs when it initially stalls and they are very wet with fuel.

I'm running a lightened non charging fly wheel so I don't have stator. I originally thought the first issue was the coil pack so I replace that with a msd improved coil pack. I can see I'm getting spark. I've also check the carb filters which are fine. I've ordered a rebuild kit for the dual carbs but I'm worried that is not the problem. I feel it's a fuel issue but could it be something else? The season is short here in Canada and I'd rather it be on the water then apart in a garage. Thanks
Just looking at it more. When I crank the engine gas just spurts out of the main venturi outlet for the front cylinder. Still both plugs are soaked with fuel. I've had some tech advice saying it's either the seat of the needle is leaking or the kidney plates check valves are leaking. When I rebuild the carb I'll post if that fixed it.
The ski is now running. I'm not entirely sure what I did but it's now running and good enough to take it out on the lake. I was getting intermittent spark. When the bendix broke apart I think a piece bent in the pulsar coil. So I bent the bracket back and re checked the gap. I also changed out the old fouled plugs with new iridiums. I filled it with fresh fuel. I also took apart both carbs and cleaned them. I'll still rebuild the carbs when I eventually get the kit. Hope this helps someone with similar symptoms.
I do alot of setup and tuning of krash carbs, let me know if you have any questions.

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