Kawi 1100 jetting help, please

Bought a 94 b1 w a Kawi 1100 in it, carbs are gp1200 w a rhaas plate and I'm rebuilding the carbs. Current jetting seemed rich on the bottom and overall doesn't pull quite like it should IMO. Here's the setup:

Kawi 1100
Gp1200 44's
2.5 N&S
125 main
110 pilot
dull silver springs, 85g?
Didn't measure popoff before pulling them apart.
Rhaas plate
1100 manifold w crossover tube
Dry pipe
A/m waterbox (not sure what)
Stock reeds w stuffers
ADA head (pump gas)
144 Solas 12 vein
Not sure on impeller

What are the jetting recommendations from the gurus? I sent Scotty Mac a pm, not sure he's still around? Thanks in advance for any help in getting it squared away and dialed in. I'll be using a Pet tach for final hi/low adjusting.
Thanks in advance!

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I’m about to do the SAME exact setup on a stock ZXI1100. I am having problems with the CV carbs. I have extra gp1200 carbs. Did you ever figure yours out? I will use this as a baseline if not. Thanks!
I used to run a set up similar to yours and this was my jetting:
112.5 P
2.0 N/S
80g spring

This was my engine setup:
-175 psi compression
-boyesen dual stage reeds
-dried out exhaust
-.06" base gasket (cylinder decked .06" to compensate)
-lightened stock flywheel 1 lb
-6 degree timing advance
-44 carbs off a GP1200 using rhass adapter plate
-stock electronics with temp sensor jump
So I’m finishing up the carbs tomm - as for the pulse on the 44 triple Mikuni - is it ok to just “T” and split off the single crankcase pulse fitting? I was always under the assumption that this cut down the signal strength vs. having individual pulse lines.
I completed assembly yesterday - ended up having to use an old yami throttle cable as well to make throttle work proper. (This is on a Kawasaki Zxi 1100) I also had to get pro k filters & adapters as the stock gp1200 air box did not fit inside zxi1100 hull. I did just Tee off the one pulse line and split to each carb. This is a ski I am selling not keeping. Now knowing what I know if I was to ever build an 1100 blaster I think I would just shell out the money to get a real nice intake and a set of aftermarket carbs.
I started the zxi1100 up for the first time yesterday- sounds AWSOME. Was backfiring like hell with the CV carbs. Going to water test today.


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