Kawasaki Super Chicken stock dry pipe mod

Are there any Super Chicken people here that can tell me if I can dry pipe mods my stock exhaust , I see videos of the SX and X2’s but my muffler is built different , thanks for any help .


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I've done a bit of drying out on stock TS and SS style exhausts. The chamber on those gets the water just under the rubber coupler. You should see a rubber hose running from there to the larger chamber section. Pull it loose and slip a restrictor inside that hose. Those little 1/4" thick round spacers that come with a new battery for the bolts work great and won't overheat anything. I've not tried going any smaller.
Make sure to add a bypass between the engine and exhaust since all the cooling water goes there. The stock fitting on the head is threaded so its easy to add a barb there and into a new pisser.
The one that I cut open was a completely dry chamber stock. I can't remember if I cut open a 750 pipe or a 650 pipe, but I would be surprised if they are not both dry chambers as the two systems are very similiar. The water from the water jacketed section comes out around the outside of the pipe under the rubber boot into the waterbox. I have an extra line out of my head to bypass some of the water out of the waterbox, but it's not the same as the "dry pipe" modification people do to the 650sx pipe which has a ton of water running through the chamber in stock configuration.
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