Jetski Solutions - Unresponsive and carburetor rebuild failure

I'm happy to provide any and all communications between myself and Jetski Solutions.

In March of last year (2019) I had Jetski Solutions rebuild the carb to my 2009 SXR 800. This was a carb i bought new and had been running since 2015. I also had work done to the ebox at that time. Both invoices were paid in March 2019. The carb was one of several issues i was dealing with last year, and unfortunately I was never able to get the jet ski running reliably. Due to this, the jet ski was basically not run at all last year.

In May of this year I was finally able to wrench on the ski and resolve all the issues, the main of which was a failed kill switch; however, i still was still not able to get the jet ski to run reliably. Below is an excerpt from one of my emails to Jetski Solutions:

Good afternoon. I wanted to revisit our previous conversation. Would it be possible to reach one of you on the phone? I'm hoping a quick conversation might help diagnose the issue.

Last year we had you rebuild the carburetor and fix the ebox grommets on my 2010 SXR-800. As part of this, the spark plug wires were replace. Since then we have not been able to get the jetski up and running. I think i might be running into a fuel starvation issue (or similar) as the jetski is running on 1 cylinder most of the time before stalling out. Below is a more detailed description of the issue and troubleshooting steps I have taken.

Issue: The jetski is unable to run for more than 5-10 seconds of operation in either the water, on land with a hose, or on land without a hose. To start the engine I use the choke as normal. One or both cylinders may function before the engine stalls. Giving throttle will help it idle longer or rev the engine. In the water the ski will respond in one of 3 ways. Accelerate normally, 'accelerate' on 1 cylinder, or bog down and stall.

Trouble shooting steps taken:

After significant trouble shooting and swapping a working carb from another SXR-800, I was finally able to get the jetski running smoothly. This verified that the underlying issue was the carb rebuild from Jetski Solutions.

During this time over 2 weeks, I sent 4 emails and 1 message through their website.

I never received a response. The lack of communication is completely unacceptable, and the fault has been identified to a failure of their services.
I did finally hear back from Jetski Solutions, about 10 minutes after i sent my last email. So this is obviously a case of them ignoring me and not working with me to resolve the issue. To be honest, their actions do not inspire confidence or trust.
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Providing a bit more context from my thread over at pwctoday:

I have not yet opened the carb, i have only adjusted the low and high speed needles, as well as the idle adjustment. I totally understand people make mistakes, which is why i wanted to have a discussion on what i was seeing in my trouble shooting.

When i started to look at the carb itself (originally i didn't assume this to be the issue), I sent JSS the following in my 3rd email.

I then looked at the carb settings and I "may" have identified the problem with the mixture settings. It appears that all of he mixture screws were set all the way in/closed. I've adjusted the high speed settings to 3/4 turn out as indicated in the service manual. I've only touched one of the low speed mixtures (stern carb); however, this one will only back out 3/4 of a turn.

Do you normally ship the rebuilt carbs with the mixtures set to closed? Is there a reason that the low speed mixture setting will not back out to 7/8 a turn?

I never received a reply.

On my 4th email I sent:

I've finally identified the issue. The front(bow) carburetor is not functioning properly. Even after trying a number of different low and high speed settings on this carb, the engine would not fire the front cylinder 90%+ of the time. Behavior was nearly identical in the water as on land. I could start the jetski on only the front cylinder (disconnecting the rear plug) by using the choke and get it to run for about 5 seconds before it would run out of fuel. Occasionally when both plugs were connected the front cylinder would fire for a moment. This was obvious while in the water as i would occasionally get extra bursts of power while WOT.

I verified this was the issue by swapping carburetors with my brother's sxr-800. Once swapped my ski ran perfectly.

Please let me know when you receive this. I'd like to figure out how to get my ski running properly without decommissioning the other ski.
Once again I never received a reply.

I get that the carb rebuild is outside of my skill set, which is why i was willing to pay 1/2 the cost of a new carb to have it rebuilt. The fact is, I gave JSS every opportunity to work with me on this and the benefit of the doubt without any response or acknowledgement (that is until my 5th email which i was more stern and did receive a response within 1- minutes. Though this was 2 weeks after this all began).

In the end, I bought a new carb but i'd love to see JSS stand behind their work and provide good customer service.

This is not the first time I've seen that when things aren't going in their favor they opt to shut down and push off any responsibility.
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