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JetManiac is proud to announce our new freeride waterbox. It is designed to replace a stock SuperJet waterbox both in hose connection location and fitment, but it is smaller, lighter and fits better in aftermarket hulls.


We have always been puzzled by the design of many a/m waterboxes.

* There is no more need to cut your expensive long waterbox to outlet hose.

* Inlet is stock sized so standard exhaust hoses and Bpipe coupler to waterbox hoses fit.

* Inlet and outlet are flanged like stock to help prevent a hose from sliding off.

Weight comparisons:
Stock RN 4lb 12.4oz
Xmetal 3lb 13oz
JM 2lb 7oz

* The stock waterbox also holds more water making weight difference in use larger.

* Also this extra water is still in the stock oem waterbox after use and will not all braap out, so is more likely to cause condensation in the open exhaust port of your motor. JM waterbox is easy to brapp out water after riding.


You can see the quality of the welds. All waterboxes are welded by the same certified welder for consistent quality. (AWS D17.1 aerospace certification for aluminum, s.s. and titanium)
Welder is also a rider who understands its use and design. Particular attention was paid to the design of baffle and attachment to eliminate the 'loose baffle' problem so common with stock and some aftermarket waterboxes. Photos are of one of the prototype boxes not the production ones.

We experimented with baffle and box design to give better sound and performance. Sound is louder and throatier than stock, but not super loud like some other a/m boxes.


Size comparison with OEM SuperJet waterbox

JM waterbox body is 8.5" W x 6.5" T x 4" D (angled)





JetManiac lightweight waterbox $309. sale 269.90
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I just talked a customer into one of these water boxes for his x2, I just received it in the mail and we'll let me tell you this is the best built waterbox I've had in my hands ever. Priced perfectly, welded like art, and design for what we need. This ski will fit rockered skis just right. Well done maniac!

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