I gave up. I caved in. I'm almost 40 and can finally feel it.


walking on water
After attending the 2022 TCJP Sortie, it has come to my attention that I do not have the ability to rebound like the 28 year old me. Setting up camp, drinking, and riding multiple times a day left me beyond sore and tired.

I started taking a daily Vitamin, Glucosamine, and Turmeric the week after the event.....Call me crazy, but my joints stopped cracking and tingling within 3 days of taking them. Studies show it takes 4-8 weeks for full take, I can't wait, my knees feel 19 again.

I also went and got some Protein and Creatine powders for before riding and BCAA recovery powder for after. BEEFCAKE

Birdman 2.1 is here.
Eat meat. Vegetables. And fruit. Only food that will spoil in under 2 weeks. Only eat your required calorie intake. A svery slight deficit is actually good if your not trying to build. Don't smoke cigarettes. Dont smoke alot of weed. Stay away from alcohol as much as you can. If you do that. You will live to be 80 yrs old unless your genes suck. In which case nothing you do will extend your quality of life much.

It's probably mostly placebo. The body will only intake certain amounts of each nutrieny. Getting them all in the correct amounts makes a world of difference in how the body operates.
I was squatting and benching twice a week last winter. Plan to return again once the freeze hits.
Start now and keep it up. Lifting is the fountain of youth. The first 2 pics are of this girl when she was 41, the 3rd is her today, 17 years later, you do the math, she'll kill me if I say her age. Weight training and diet. She's dedicated. RVOL9042.JPGUHAI1386.JPGIMG_2847.JPG
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