Help ID this motor

I bought this SuperJet 10 years ago and shortly after I did an overhaul on just about everything but the engine. I recently got it out of storage after sitting for about 8 years. I winterized it properly, and it started right up with new plugs and fresh fuel so I took it out for a spin.

I forgot how much the thing freaking rips! The powerband is extremely on/off. It got me thinking, I wonder exactly what is done to the motor.

I bought the ski from an enthusiast who said it was built and ported. It was originally a 650 but swapped with a 61X from a non-superjet. It has mostly Pro-Tec parts on it.

I started looking around and noticed the VIN tag says 61XR and RJP with the VIN 000004. Assuming that's the engine builder. I've also never seen an angled/curved flame arrestor adapter like that. Google hasn't helped. Any ideas?


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Run of the mill angled protec moflow flame arrestor. Mostly used on crap that needs special clearance. If the cylinder isn't engraved with something from the porting guy, it's probably not a well known or pro builder. That stamping on the tag is factory and has nothing to do with aftermarket or performance. I've ridden a lot of turds that others thought ripped. Looks like it's pretty clean and somebody liked protec parts
Appreciate the feedback. The light switch powerband is what makes me think it's ported, but I'm sure it could be related to tuning or just a characteristic of that pipe.

What does the 6 digit number on the tag represent? I can't imagine it has anything to do with production numbers with it being 000004.



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Find somebody with a bore scope and stick it in the cylinder. Should be able to tell if something’s been done by the size of the exhaust port and ugliness/cleanliness of the transfers.
It was probably that he meant that it was a replacement Single Carb 61X (701)motor from a nice used ski that he used to replace the stock 650 6m6 motor. Which would absolutely be an upgrade over the stock 650cc, especially with mods. Though ive had rode modded SN 650SJ and theyre not exactly slow either lol..
Bt yeah between the bigger 701 and then Add on the Protec High Compression Head, A/M Intake, and what looks like a Protec Pipe. The mods really wake these motors up especially for normal riding, its not really a heavy jet ski so theyre also very powerful even stock.
Ride it and enjoy it, its definitely a clean SN SJ and would clean up really nice with some nice white paint and a graphics kit..
I just dont like riding black skis bc of the issue of visibility but thats just a personal preference. The new black RN SJ's were nice though, the 2015ish+ ski's.
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