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Kinda sucks that I have to post here. But back in November ordered a battery box from h20 designs. Few weeks go by and I don't receive anything, no tracking, no order confirmation. So I decide to reach out and see what’s up. So I hit them up on Facebook and got a response saying oh my bad I’ll get that out from you asap. Then a few more weeks go by and still nothing. This happens probably 2-3 more times with the person offering to add in some battery box straps. After hitting him up a few more times he says I’m so sorry I’ll refund you and still ship your batttery box. I tell him to please keep the funds as I want too support the sport and those who make parts, Still nothing. So finally on January 17th, I shoot them a message saying hey man just refund me my payment. And let’s be done with it, as I ended up building a battery box for just what I needed. He said that’s fine but he’s still gunna send the box. I’m like whatever okay.
That was January 17th and still no battery box or refund.

Am I the only one with this experience?

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I bought an adjustable box for my Edge from him. The bolt down holes did not line up, contacted him about sending back for refund. No issues there, but had to remind him about the refund a few weeks later. Just keep at him.
I thought my hull's threaded holes were off, good to know it was their product that was off. It took about 7 weeks and multiple messages to get my battery box. 3 weeks of that was because it was sent out for anodizing. Also was offered extra parts and eventually a partial refund for the wait. Seems like a regular guy but I will not do further business with.
Wish I would have seen this thread before I ordered a few parts last week... Haven't gotten any sort of response requesting info via email. Guess I will try FB... I get that times are tough and everyone is spread thin, but the website says "same day shipping" which is obviously false advertising and could easily be removed to lower expectations. Communication goes a LONG way with an understanding customer... Sucks when you'd rather have the parts than the money.
I heard from Steve today. He had been having some medical issues and was in the hospital. He refunded me for one part that was discontinued and expedited my shipping speed so I should have my items in a few days. Will update to confirm reversal once parts arrive. Sometimes life gets in the way, I get that.
Well, unfortunately I don't have any good news to report.

3/13/2022 - I placed my order and received a paypal confirmation email but no order confirmation email
3/15/2022 - Emailed to inquire about status - No response
3/19/2022 - Sent Message via FB requesting ETA - No response
3/22/2022 - Emailed again to inquire about status
3/23/2022 - Notification of partial refund received from vendor - 1 of 4 items ordered is no longer available (engine block off plates)
3/23/2022 - Steve replied to my email and told me he had been in the hospital - He then told me that my order shipped "today" via 3-day service so I should get it sooner
3/28/2022 - Emailed to inquire about tracking info (5 days after I was told my order had shipped via 3-day service)
3/31/2022 - Steve responded to my original facebook message, but confused my order with another (The forum member who inquired about a Jazz tank)
4/1/2022 - Replied via facebook with information about my order
4/1/2022 - Emailed again asking for tracking info (9 days after I was told my order had shipped via 3-day service)
4/5/2022 - Final email sent before I request a refund for the remainder via Paypal.

I'm bummed to say the least.
UPDATE: The parts arrived and look great - very high quality!

So as it turns out, Steve DID print a shipping label with 3-day service the day he said he did. The package doesn't appear to have been handed to UPS until 4/9 however, but as he had previously mentioned he had been hospitalized recently, so it's not hard to believe that he was still having issues that prevented him from doing so and/or communicating. I feel bad because I had lost my patience on Monday and sent a somewhat rude email requesting a refund and saying he should take his site down if he can't fulfill orders. It's easy to forget that behind a flashy website, sometimes it's just one guy trying his best to contribute to the sport, and life can often get in the way of that.
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