GT and Haro Vintage BMX


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I have some sweet BMX bikes I built years ago. Ive been saving up for an aftermarket hull and decided to let these go. I wanted to offer them up on here to see if anyone wants some vintage rides! The Haro is not actually a Haro but a really high quality custom build! PM for the full details, asking $1400. The GT is a 1993 Interceptor, almost completely original $600. I will be at the SFF this year and would be happy to bring them, or ship on the buyers dime. Either way I hope you enjoy these! Don't worry, Im keeping my personal 22" BMX that I still ride :cool:



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Around 1995(5th grade) my friend found a BMX frame from the early 80s in the GARBAGE. I can't remember the name of it, but my older neighbor, who was in high school at the time, traded us his ENTIRE garage full of bike parts and frames. We had all kinds of Dyno and GT frames that had been painted. Pretty sure we built 6 or 7 bikes from it all.

Found out later it was all stolen by the older kid and his friends! LOL That's why everything was re-painted. Innocent minds we had.


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Asheville, NC
I grew up racing BMX in Florida and those are some of the best memories I have. These bikes are great, but they are just hanging in the living room and hardly get ridden. I wish I could give them to my nephews, but unfortunately they aren't responsible enough to have anything this nice... haha kids these days :D
Proud owner of a year 2000 dyno slammer here. Most of the bike is aftermarket besides the goodies it came with, like the sealed bearing profile cranks.

Spent many summers in parking lots and skateparks riding flatland and mini ramps. Many have wanted to buy it off me but ill never get rid of it.
I have an awesome redline 340. I love that bike but I gotta get a new fork and a rear wheel after flatting the rear wheel bunnyhopping onto a utility box. I have a full sticker kit to redo it, really want to get the frame rechromed. Anybody have a good chrome shop that can do a frame?
Well I would expect it to be costly. But I love this bike and want to show it the love it deserves. Gotta find a good fork first, then I can go from there. Found an awesome GT on cl the other day. Love those mid school 90s style bikes.

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In high school a buddy of mine and his brother had 2 green haro's that were used in a MT Dew commercial I believe. Their dad was owner of the Pepsi distributor here and their grandfather was one of the inventor's of MT Dew.
Love this vintage bike stuff....
My parents were best friends with the owners of the largest bike shop in town through the 80's. I never sold any of my bikes but the first one was lost...
My first love was a GT Pro Freestyle that I had for about a month until it was stolen from the bike rack at school. It was my first experience having something stolen and was crushing.

From there the the mountain bike revolution was just beginning and Mongoose was one of the first to make the transition.
They took a BMX frame and added a little length, bigger wheels and some shifters but it is basically a BMX bike. I still have my 1989 Mongoose Maneuver and started restoring it for my son.
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