GP1R Build


Another race build!

After selling the two ProForces last Spring because we hadn't ridden in 3 years.... we started riding the Superjet more regularly at a local club, then started riding again on friends' GP1Rs and fell in love with the handling and confidence of the hull. So we decided to get one of our own and build it from basically an empty hull. Yes, you can get the turn key, but we found a good deal on a local used SXR 1500 and jumped in head first learning the ins, outs, drilling, and tapping of building one. WIth a hectic work schedule it took us 14 sessions (some were only an hour or two after work) to complete. I documented a lot of the build to get the 'ol YouTube rolling again after being dormant and boring for so many years. The build video spans over 30 minutes, with a first ride report video around the 5 minute mark. Took her out for a second ride recently and still working on that vid.

Just wanted to share some cool ski content for fellow stand up nuts, enjoy!



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