G-mail verify it’s you

Hi, I need some help with gmail please…I’ve searched google and YouTube and the pertaining videos are all forgin from “India”. I’ll be accessing my brothers gmail from another part of the state from a new device, my laptop. He has an iPhone..

When I log into gmail, it wants to verify it’s him logging in and gives me a code, say 13

My question is how is he notified and what does he do ? SMS msg ? I want to be able to assist him in the process but I’ve never been thru it… I’ll be doing this at 8am pacific time Saturday….

Thanks a lot
So it went well. Turns out the instructions for where and how you deal with the code we’re on the email log in page. My dumb azz missed that detail.

So the code goes to your YouTube app on your phone, open YouTube and enter the code displayed on the new devise… never would guessed YouTube..
But I believe Google owns YouTube so guess that’s why they use their own platform..

Thank you @WFO Speedracer for the help
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