FX-1 Sales Brochure 1994


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Thought some of you might like to see this. I found a large box in the attic of my old work (Team Charlotte Motorsports) about 10 years ago. It was my job to clean up this attic and it took me months. Lots of old crazy stuff up there. Looking back, I even threw away several boxes of brand NEW race buoys. I didn't know what they were at the time haha. I did keep tons of junk as I was instructed to "make everything disappear" I used a forklift to bring the dumpster to a garage below the attic and literally was shoveling away tons of stock motorcycle take off parts for cruisers and sport bikes from the past 30+ years. I can't tell you how many truck loads of brand new stock motorcycle exhaust systems I took to the scrap yard. ANYWAYS, I could go on for days with stories from that job. Loved that place at that time. So I found a box with hundreds of 1994 Yamaha brochures and VHS copies of how to ride your new watercraft. Being obsessed with that era, I grabbed a handful of brochures, and 2 copies of the VHS and chucked the rest. I thought this might be a couple bits of reliable info on the SNSJ and FX-1


If anyone wants to see the VHS, I can upload it to Youtube later and post it here in the Video section. :cool:
I'd love to see it too! Thanks for sharing these stories and literature. I love vintage powersports stuff, but I especially love hearing stories like this. It's like a treasure hunt. Good thing you grabbed what you did, because they certainly aren't making anything like these cool old machines in today's market.
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