Flywheel for 701 b1

I'm looking to replace my stock flywheel on my 96 blaster 1. I have seen a few options but want to see what everyone thought about the subject . I seen jetinetics has one for like(-1.25 lbs) $650 and high speed has one for(.1 lbs) $350 . Seen one for $1100 , looking for options besides them or praise for one. Thanks guys
True, flywheel low on list but that's where I'm at . Already got factory pipe, Ada head , msd ignition and coil , intake , ride plate , pump , impeller , water box , and carbs so ya flywheel next . And flywheel will accelerate the motor rebuild that's probably next lol but hope for some good hours before that . But won't be surprised to stick a piston . Also looking at tbm lightened flywheel or jetinetics but I know there are more options .
Theres not much difference unless you like to fan the throttle...... a lot. What are your porting specs? What impeller are you using?
Theres not much difference unless you like to fan the throttle...... a lot. What are your porting specs? What impeller are you using?
No porting yet , still on pump gas . (Barley) Impeller- skat trak 14-22 . And no i dont fan it a ( lot) just shred . I did say a flywheel is going to accelerate my motor build because I'll probably stick a piston but got it jetted a little fat so should be good, till it's not
I did when I was tuning it ( a tiny tach) but can't rember what numbers where . That was beginning of last season , but plan on checking it again next month when it'll be a little warmer. But was thinking about upgrading flywheel first . But ya check double check then check again not trying to blow it up . I always baby it after any upgrade . But will do whole build with porting next winter( only got so much money) or sooner if I have issues this summer.
This is just my opinion but for $650 or so for the jetinetics you're at least getting a brand new part that has a steel hub. It's on the heavy side for what it is and that's the main drawback but you're getting the durability of the steel hub. Taking a 20+ year old oem flywheel and then machining one pound off it, would you trust that? I have had one grenade and thankfully didn't cause much damage but that was enough for me to say screw that.
You CANNOT safely remove a full pound from a stock flywheel. To get a pound, you need to machine off a lot of material, drill the flywheel etc and then they break. When they DO break they take your electrics with them, and sometimes ruin your bendix, engine cases, etc. I have seen them take the front crank seal, causing a lean condition and full engine failure.

We have found you can only take about a half pound off and still be reliable. NO drilling!

If you are going to do this, make sure you use someone who actually knows what they are doing. There are far too many hacks out there.

I base my opinions on over 30 years of building skis in my shop. NOT what people say here, facebook, PWCtoday, and so on....
My $.02, I think $650 would be far more beneficially spent on a 701 Industries suspension steering or an ADA steering setup. I've only been on a Blaster a handful of times and really do not like the hammering of wrists and hands felt through the steering. These were skis that have original ADA and Vilder steering setups...not a fan, the rider would really benefit from suspension setups.
I think the tbm is the way I'm going to go . Have Ada steering already , Ada is like 5 miles from my house really like those guys . I buy local if possible and Ada is quality stuff. Head , mid shaft , finger throttle, flame arestor adapter , steering brackets setup. This is my 4th or 5 th blaster , 96 is my favorite that's what this is . My buddy just put a 1100 in a 93 together this winter . Can't wait to see difference between them
The 3 things I think I have left are , porting, flywheel and bigger badder carbs. Oh and motor rebuilt , I know it's coming. Figured I'd port it when doing motor , witch I know won't be long . I had motor apart last year and looked good , bearings still good on crank . But I have been tweaking it a little last summer and fall. Figured flywheel is an easy add on compared to total rebuild and porting and when I port it I'll step up and get new carbs. Going to lake this weekend for 1st trip of year to see how it rides before I change anything. See where I'm at not where I think I'm at .
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