EME aerial 8 exhaust options

Hi all - i ended up buying the hull in this build thread and have been working on getting it put together.
I'm running into a bit of a problem with the exhaust. I currently have a LPW 754 with a factory B pipe and limited chamber. I'm currently trying to aquire a mod chamber (either thru trade or buy straight out) to help but right now no luck. The stock RN waterbox doesnt seem to sit far enough forward to use. I've been looking at aftermarket waterboxes but can not find any that list dimensions. Anyone had a yamaha driveline with a b pipe in an aerial 8? what did you do waterbox wise? Thanks in advance for any help. Jimmy
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@jharvey1984 Heres a better option and it has comparison pics in the thread to the oem for size comparison. If you go this route you might not have to change chambers. From what I remember the xs does fit but it is tight

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