Drying out stock exhaust

I’m looking to dry out my stock exhaust for lites class. Are the gains worth it and I want to confirm my plan will for on how to do it. I planned on setting the motor up as dual cooling one line into the motor both fittings on the head to pissers. The line going into the exhaust have a jet works flow control valve. How hot can I let things get before I’ll damage anything.
Do a google search. Many many trick ways to run water. Lots of info from 2003-2007 racers The sxr stock class race era. Many ways including reverse.

Today’s is SJ’s
What kind of ski is it? Stock Yamahas needs a lot of water going into the exhaust in order to fill it up. You can seal the inner liner to the outer and make a small drain into the outlet. This will keep the chamber full with very little water going to the waterbox. Ive found a lot of missing paint on racing superjet exhausts so most riders arent thinking it through.
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