Do you like the site changes?

I like the new colors, it looks clean...

I see you have to choose your photo size now or it won’t upload
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West MI
I do miss seeing people's info without having to hover over their names

I agree with this - seeing location in particular. I've found multiple people who are either near me or near someone else I know (and informed them of it). So, in terms of simply being able to connect with folks you don't know but who are local-ish to you, it was nice to just be able to scroll and see the locations.


So long and thanks for all the fish
I haven't seen that, got a link to a post?


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I also get the blurry thing. Mildly annoying. It's not the end of the world but it would be nice if they didn't do that, I haven't gone digging to see if it's some setting I can change.
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