As a general comparison they are very different ski's. For a rec. use ski the SJ is fun, quick and easier to play on. The 1500 is bigger, faster and heavier..your not going to throw it around. On the Race circuit's they are in different classes. The 1500 has many advantages on a rough race course. If in the market, beg or borrow a ride on each ski is good advice. I've seen each of these ski's for sale after only a couple rides because the owner said "it's not for me".
I have 2024 SJ.

WCOT ride plate. WCOT intake. Free flow exhaust. PWC rear sponsons. PWC quick steer.

I think most SJ comments are based off stock skis. And/or no seat time on a SJ that is properly setup.

My SJ handling is unreal. #CheatCode


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