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Salem, OR
I've ridden my 750sx twice now and all I can say is I am very disappointed. Its so slow. For example, I also have an 85 js550, the speed, low end, and top end are about the same. Isn't this ski supposed to have 60hp, because it is about 20hp more than the 550. Its just so gutless. Is there anything I can do?

I'm running the stock oil injection, I've changed the plugs. I'm thinking I should take the carb off and clean it?

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sounds like your 750 is weak
it should spank and run all over a 550
check plugs, piston wash, compression
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Check the impeller. If it's stock, then it's aluminum and probably very very worn after all these years.
Salem, OR
Check the impeller. If it's stock, then it's aluminum and probably very very worn after all these years.

Looks like you're right. The ride plate is broken and the impeller is bent.

Pics later...:thumbsdown:

Sucks I've spent the last week not eating to buy this ski.
A stock prop of that era is a toss away item. Keep dieting and get a stainless prop. Also, once bent my rideplate landing on a sandbar. A bent rideplate will give you "interesting" handling.
Salem, OR
Are these skis normal for being slow from 0-10mph? I kinda want a ski that will basically jump out of the water. Hopefully I can get some performance out of it.
Salem, OR
Here are the pics...

Intake grate


So, what should I do???

the WaTeRhAwK

fryin' up a/m electrics..
the 750 sx was designed and built stock as a recreational ski. out of the box they don't have much in performance. you have to do quite a bit to them to get them to "perform". pipe, compression, porting, timing advance, stainless prop of a low pitch, ignition, etc.. in other words, you have to spend quite a bit of money on one to get to jump out of the water. other that that, they're big heavy, bulky slugs. that's why a 550 spinning 10,000 rpms with a hellacious power to weight ratio, and a light rider, will eat it for lunch.

the sxi pro is a totally different animal out of the box, as is the sxr.
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