dasa 1100 160mm prop recomendations

Looking for a baseline starting point for prop pitch on a new build. i know i will have to tweak it but just looking for some a baseline pitch to order.

build is as follows

Carbon Tigercraft Xi
dasa 1100 50/50 pump/race
fullspec 49s
pfp pipe
62t zeel with jetnetics flywheel
maxx titatium 160/83
xscream ls-10 trim

225lb rider at sealevel

thanks guys.


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I am going to run same exact setup but it will be in a Rickter edge fs. Interested to see what you get. My advice is talk to Brian at Torrent and buy from him whatever he says.
Brian at torrent will not give you specs on props unless you buy the pump from him
If you contact Brian he will 100% help you out on a prop he will want a lot more info but he will get you set up. Just be ready to pay $600+ because big props are no joke! They range of $600-1100
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