Custom Folding jet ski tote!!!!!!!

Excited to introduce my latest creation: a custom-built aluminum folding jet ski tote! If you have ever struggled with storage or transportation, this bad boy solves it all. Assembles or disassembles in 15 to 30 seconds. No need to worry about scratches – soft plastic sliders have got you covered. Rolls very smoothly due to bearings in the wheels. It also has all stainless steel hardware!

To fold, simply push down on the string attached to the spring-loaded pins for easy folding. Trust me, this thing has been a game-changer for me, and I'm stoked to finally share it with you all after two years of dreaming about it!

Currently, only have a few available. $875 + shipping. Or local meet up in Menifee, CA.IMG_4930.jpegIMG_4911.jpegIMG_4919.jpegIMG_4947.jpeg
Really cool tote! I like the snap strings in the middle.

HDPE works rather well for bunks doesn't it! I routered the sides and it made for a nice finish.
Thank you!
Good eye! Yeah, the HDPE works great! I did the same on the corners and have no complaints with it! It has been working great for me!
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