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Started to dabble in crypto a few months ago but honestly, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it and understanding it. Any good informative sites out there that breaks it down “Barney Style” so a guy like myself can understand it?

My brother follows a couple crypto wiz kids but honestly I don’t trust them.
Hey Mike! I also just started getting into the stock market and crypto. It’s hard to rap your head around it, I just turned 20 and think if you can find a system that works you can make money doing it! I just also got my dad set up and trying to get him where he can retire… he’s 50 with no retirement but makes alot of money so I’ve been putting him in more risky stocks since he doesn’t have a bunch of time.

Crypto seems off and on. I got him some bitcoin at 39,000 and it jumped to 47,000 the next week. Now it’s down to 40,000. It seems so hot or miss.

My biggest advice in both the crypto and stock is to keep up on company’s and big names…. Elon musk is a big one.

I just bought a good amount of GGPI. Which is a stock that is supposed to merge with this company called polestar. They are a Electric vehicle company just like Tesla. They just sold a contract to Hertz for 65,000 vehicles. Polestar isn’t public to the stock market until they merge with GGPI which will happen in the next company months. Some sources say they can see a 91% increase in the stocks value if all pays out and the merge goes successfully. Might be something to look into.

I have been doing some research on option trading but that’s a whole nothing headache.

Hope you can find some sort of useful info from this. Btw I’m not a financial advisor just a young kid that likes to do research and loves making money
Crypto is all speculation so learning technical analysis is probably the best way to trade it. Remember that it takes a while to develop yourself into a consistently profitable trader! Almost everyone that tries will blow their account very quickly.
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