Cole Walsdorf @trevair111 I hate to do this but.......

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I made a deal on his new hull and and all of his parts for his build. Purchased it and picked up (thanks to big Tom for delivering to Brave). Well, the guy seems great to deal with and was until he wasn't. Turns out the MSD he sold me was bad. I told him about it (I had it tested immediately when I got home before I sold it) and he seemed to want to make it right and said it was @trevairr111 brain and he bought it from him. He would see if he could get another to me. That was Aug 10.
Aug 14 I asked if there was any update, he said that Trevor has 1 left but isn't giving it up and he had paid $500 for the one Trevor sold him.
Aug 24 asked for an update... nothing really, so I said he could just send $1500 back so I could replace it (hopefully)
Sept 1 asked again, No reply
Sept 6 asked if he is just going to ghost me and it's been a month since I told him about he bad MSD..

Today it's been about 6 weeks, no reply, no funds, nothing just ghosted....

Trevair111 is who posted the hull, and its his friend he posted it for, I don't blame him, but some help from him would be nice considering Cole bought the msd from him and it was bad. Also Cole apparently isn't on the x often or maybe doesn't even have an acct.... Either way, this is what happened
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