Clearance between impeller & pump stator


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Hi guys

I starting to build an 148 SS Solas pump, with skat 9/14 , so I think I have to much space between impeller and pump stator, what the best space, For cut the impeller bottom ?
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with my cut back big hub impellers the gap is hardly a millimetre...yours looks much bigger, but from my understanding that softens the hook-up a bit


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yes I'll do that , impeller already at the machinery shop

We like impellers close to vanes if possible. You can use impeller spacer stainless washers/shims to space forward to adjust distance to stator hub/vanes if needed. Then if needed for pump tuning, you can also space forward, like slipping a little especially off the bottom. It is more of a fine tuning thing if the pitch, nozzle size, and engine are close match already.
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