carolina beach status

Sup guys. Learned about this 4x4 beach last summer, didn't realize you can beach here. Is that still allowed or is that area closed? Couldn't tell from their website.


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l think it’s done for now.Someone correct me if wrong.The city made lots of rule changes and messed the whole thing was one of my favorites.Laid back camping and fun.
I believe you can still drive out but no camping. We actually found another spot in north topsail that you can drive out on the beach and launch your ski from the beach like we had a CB. No camping at topsail either but it's a nice spot to ride.


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Carolina Beach also randomly started limiting the amount of people allowed out on the beach even if you have a season pass (which also went up like 2x in price). You could drive all the way out there and have no guarantee they will let you on. I miss the CB days, it was fun while it lasted. Hoping we don't get ran out of Topsail but its bound to happen eventually. Enjoy it while you can!
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